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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. it's 11:00 o'clock, do you know where your children are? >> now abc 2news at 1. >> tonight. a 91-year-old is found stabbed to death. a live report on what police have to go on at this hour. >> do we have a case of a serial animal abuser? what happened when a man wanted another cat. >> and update on a story we told you about last night. it concerns grande prix trees. >> irene logan was born in 1920, she died tonight. she didn't dive age old . >> she died because someone stabbed her. we are live at police headquarters. >> reporter: the victim a long
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time member of new creation christian church not far from the crime scene. today the daughter of the victim came home and found her mother on the floor of the kitchen, she had been stabbed. investigators search for clues at a home where just hours earlier someone committed a shocking crime, a 91-year-old woman, irene logan stabbed to death. she lived here with her daughter who came home and saw what happened. >> i just called out to her when i saw her. i tried to shake her and i called the police right away. i saw -- all the blood on the floor. >> reporter: the victim's son- in-law said he had stopped by the home earlier in the day around 11:00 a.m. and she was fine. >> just lively. all i can say. just going to be missed.
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>> reporter: irene's children, grandchildren and great grandchildren gathered outside the home trying to make sense of what happened. >> you don't have god in your life you wouldn't be able to get through this. we have god and trusts on him. >> reporter: you saw in the piece there police investigating if at the front door, look for signs of forced entry trying to determine whether this crime happened as part of a robbery. right now they don't have a specific motive and they say they don't have any suspects. live in downtown baltimore. >> unusual disturbing case to tell you about animal cruelty. a man adopted a cat, returned the cat dead and then tried to adopt another one. the 20-year-old faces animal
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cruelty charges. he is from new york, only lived here for a short time. back in march officials at the spca say he adopted a cat, then returned it todays later and asked for another one. that request was denied and employees contacted police. >> they there were concerns about what we were seeing, what interest and in another animal and adopting another animal and that was refused. >> reporter: now investigators are looking into whether this man adopted and abused other cats. >> a man is among the 72 people accused of participating in a huge international child porn network. the feds say desmond meredith of maryland an alleged member of the online bulletin boards where users traded child porn. the 20 month long effort to
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target more than 600 members around the world. >> it made national news in april because the attack inside a rosedale mcdonalds was seen by millions on youtube and tomorrow tionna brown charged with attack a transgender woman will be in court. she is charged with first degree assault. the other suspects seen in the video have already again been charged. >> the weather, left its mark overnight down treed and thousands of power outages. at one point there were about 14,000 without power. the power is back on tonight but the rainy, windy weather headed our way. it's making preparations for more outages. want to check in with lynette charles. we saw christian downtown in the rain. what can be expect? >> we can expect more rain and
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also maybe thunderstorms. not thinking anything will be severe but you get under one of the gusty storms and which could see maybe winds up to about 40 to 50-milance hour. what makes the storm severe is 58 miles or more. you can see the rain, owings mill. then he with slide over into kingsville. heavier -- middle river getting in on the action as well. lighter rain. we can see more rain around baltimore, into lake shore and then we slide down into the eastern shore around graysonville. saint michaels and easton and you are dealing with more rain across that area and that will be the situation through the rest of the night. right now temperatures not so bad into the 70s basically
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everywhere. overnight temperatures still in the 70's. mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms. >> thank you. we are working harder to serve you. we want to know about storeys in your area but need help finding them. we are starting a new click to fix segment. we explain how you can show off the problems in your neighborhood. >> reporter: we are working for you through click to fix. we wanted to tell you about the new website we are launching. here is how it works. first just log onto abc be/click to fiction. there you will find stories posted in the past and a slide show from some of them and also see how you can submit problems to us that we can check out. you cane e-mail, we ask you provide all necessary details,
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road problems, housing problems like the one we told you at -- even problems that you think affect yours and your family's safety. another way to reach us is by liking me on facebook. is there is a link to that on the website. you can drop me a line throughout the day, i'm always checking it. you can submit your tips. we will answer them as well. we are working on several click to fix angle. if we get a story we will get to it as quick as possible. it's click to fix. abc 2news. >> new tonight students at several students will have one extra day of summer. the district now said that 12 schools will be delayed until august 24th because of
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construction. county schools will start on the 30th. >> school starting in just a few weeks many are anxious to get in the back to school shopping mode. if you want to wait getting deals on clothing and schools -- that will he be from august 14th through the 20th . if you can hold off, you will get more for your money. >> facebook is making it easier. dozens of retailers working on new back to school campaigns that you will see on the news feeds and along the received the screen. some stores are offering daily deals while others are setting up facebook stores. >> great deal for dinner.
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it's restaurant week, today several people got a chance to tryout what you can expect. local chefs showed off their skills, and the meals were judged. they fought for number one with the judges, the people and the best youth of locally sourced ingredients. between 20 to $35 and for a full list of the restaurants participating look inside this story on the website waiting for you right now. here is an update from last night at 11. a man fighting to stop trees from being cut down to make way for the grande prix plans to file an injunction to stop more being cut down. 136 had been cut down. now some city officials say it's not that many. tonight david troy says that he will file an injunction to stop
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more trees being cut down and we have cut calls in to the grande prix but so far haven't heard back. >> where is casey anthony tonight? she won't have to be in a florida courtroom. >> why a judge said she doesn't have to appear. . >> it was 193. she was on top of the world, had a great family and club. why did someone kill her? tonight we join the family in trying to solve a cold case. >> how about this for your final sendoff? your ashes can be turned in to bullets. target practice starts in 60 seconds. if i were a customer,
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super bowl but often thought sire bowl 3 was fixed. he went onto star in police academy films and starred on the miller light beer commercials. he died at the age of 66. an autopsy will be done. casey anthony can continue living her undercover life. a judge ruled she doesn't have to immediately return to florida to start serving her probation for check fraud. her attorney said it won't be safe to return. she has been out of the public eye since being acquitted in the death of her daughter but the website can tmz is running pictures of what they say is her in ohio. >> cargo meats calling for a recall of turkey because it may be contaminated. one person has died. 76 have been sick and two dozen states. it appears to have been traced back to this ground turkey. we are talking 36 million pounds, processed in arkansas.
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you can return any opened or unopened packages of ground turkey listed on the website to the store where you bought it. you can get a full refund. >> over priced poison. that's what some have saying about a drug. the drug maker is under fire and fighting back in a las vegas courtroom. they say it misrepresents the fact that side effects are reversible and that warning labels don't say the drug is dangerous and ineffective. there are thousands of women from florida to california who call themselves victims and want the drug off the market. most are told about menopause being a side effect but they focus on what's not on the label. >> i got really sick about a month after i took it. i was scared. i -- my whole body just hurt. i couldn't open a can of soda. i was just in extreme pain. >> now plaintiffs claim the
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company removed concerns about the problems from the label. they say risks outlined and they monitor side effects. >> many women experience depression after giving birth. hormones are all effort place, now there is a new pill that some say can help fight the baby blues. it's made out of your own plac enta. a company has figured out how to make it into a pill form and get it back to you in about a day. >> after my second daughter blake was born i took the pills right away, i got them with in 24 hours and i started taking them and i had no baby blues. >> right now the company only serves many months in the denver area. >> tonight cold cases is bringing you the first
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installment of a two part story of the murder of joanne valentine. >> she was a popular nightclub owner but it wasn't just her murder that made the headlines. >> it was what happened after that. tonight we look at the night she died. >> >> reporter: to the rest of the world, she was joanne valentine. to her sisters linda, pam and faith she was their jobie. >> just fun. she was fun and that's the best way i can put it. >> reporter: she was a tough girl from pasadena. >> if you went to war, you want someone like her because she always would have your back. >> reporter: at 47 she had it all. her loving husband of almost 20 years, two handsome sons. >>announcer: beautiful home overlooking a river and a nightclub, rumble fish that she and her husband opened together. >> they had a wonderful,
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wonderful life. just taken from them. it's just huh-uh believable. >> reporter: it bass the morning after a busy night. >> she was at work alone. i said to her, would you call me when you get home. that's foolish. i will be fine. i'm not going to call. you get to over the top about that. >> reporter: it was around 4:00 a.m. that next morning, september 26th 1993. joanne pulled into her driveway off broad water road in arnold. as stopped a group approached and started talking. >> she was talking to somebody. was she talking to somebody she knew or with someone she
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recognized or a total stranger like what are you doing on my property? >> reporter: nobody knows what they talked about but they were talking loud enough that both the husband and the neighbor woke up. >> when he hears what he hears he comes out on the balcony and her car door is open and the inside of her car is a creamy color. he initially thinks she is sitting in the car because the way the seats look the car light was still on. >> reporter: the first shot was fired as he walked out received the shooter jumped into his car and backed out. vinnie called to them and they fired again. pam was asleep when the phone rang. >> her oldest son had called me and said his mom had been shot. >> reporter: she lived just a few houses down. >> you thought you were outside yourself watching television. shows on tv all the time.
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they just are and people get killed and it's dramatic and if it happens at their home and you look at and say my god this is real. >> reporter: they paced as medical crews loaded joanne in to the ambulance. pam called her sisters and they all made their way to the medical center. it was clear when they arrived jo abhijit joanne. they were pumping, air into her andf. particulars many i knew she was dead. i knew they were just keeping herra live. >> she was later transferred to shock trauma. she died as the sun was rising. the sisters gathered. together the family stood at foot of the bed where they told
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joanne's parents she was gone. >> people are crying and men crying, you are just crying. you can't understand what has happened and you are never going to see her again. >> reporter: she was laid to rest that friday, that same day police arrested three men for shoplifting not far from the funeral home. in the trunk of their car a game changing find. tomorrow night police arrest three men with a stolen gun in already car. the same gun used to kill joanne. two of them are indicted for the murder but what seems like a solid case falls apart when the defense attorney drops a major bomb. that story tomorrow right here on abc 2news. abc 2news. >> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> reporter: all right. we have some light rain now coming down the streets of
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baltimore. we are looking at temperature in around 76 degrees, the humidity at 88%. the wind out of the northwest about fine miles an hour and the pressure at 29.76 and it's rising. check out the numbers, not so bad, not a lot of rain but rain and we have a little over two tenths of an inch, a tenth of an inch into jessup and owings mill and two tenths of an inch into easton. you get the trend anda as we go through the rest of the evening that's what we will see. more light to moderate rain across the area. as we look at the radar, right now you can see the rain is into baltimore county, also into baltimore city and more rain and some -- maybe embedded storms off on the eastern shore. as we look at what's going on in terms of the moisture, we have those dew points up there, 71, at the inner harbor, cambridge at 72, with all that
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we have the cab for maybe patchy fog as you go through the overnight into tomorrow morning. the big story is, the big picture we can seat clearing and i will show you the fact that lie pressure is behind this cold front that will be sliding through, along with the area of low pressure and that's why we are still dealing source, scattered in nature through the rest of the evening. if you are traveling out and about make sure you be careful on the roadways because it's slick. future caster looking like the cold front will slide through and into tomorrow high pressure will start to build in but we still could see a few clouds and i won't rule out the fact we could get isolated shower or thunderstorm in the picture for tomorrow. isolated in nature, mainly we should stay dry. as we look at the hurricane tracker, tropical storm emily. not much change, since the last time i showed you but for the month movement of it.
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it's moving rest at only four miles an hour. it was stationary earlier. picked up more speed but still not working with anything. that track still the same moving over h -- still maybe clipping the penninsula of florida and staying away from the coast of georgia and also the carolina's. that's definitely good news, hope the track stays like that. the nix of sun and clouds, thunderstorm possible. tomorrow night 68 degrees, partly cloudy, warm and humid and here is that seven day forecast. if we get more sun thursday and friday temperatures could be up in to the 90s, if not they could be in the low to mid80s and then the showers and thunderstorms returning for saturday and sunday and even into next week. >> spiderman like you have never seen him. have you seen it? wait until you see it. it's time for him to be a little more diverse. >> first a look at night line. >> coming up, he stole 200
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. to you have the latest issue of spiderman? it came out today and we meet miles morales. he is half latino, half african american who is taking over the blue and red from peter parker. parker was killed in the last
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edition and creators felt the time was right to diversify. >> tonight a new meaning, a as in ash. you is heard ashes to ashes, how about ashes to bullets? a new company called holy smoke wants to turn your ashes into bullets. all you do is send them some of your ashes, they turn it into 250 rounds of ammunition. then your final send off could be streaming over a field during duck season. the ashes to bullets service just started. they haven't though isn't an urn grenade just yet. can you believe man? >> i know. i was trying to process it. >> yeah. >> no funeral. >> no. >> faster than a speeding bullet. >> we could get fog in here overnight and the temperature as we go into tomorrow will be around 89 degrees and maybe isolated shower in the forecast. !
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